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System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

WebMeter is a highly portable application based on Java technology.  Java is available for a huge range of operating systems and theoretically WebMeter can run on any server, desktop, laptop, notebook or netbook which has the required version of Java installed.  WebMeter has been tested on:

  •  Windows XP
  •  Windows Vista
  •  Windows 7
  •  Linux - Ubuntu 9
In the future releases, the platform testing list will grow to include:
  •  Linux - openSUSE 11
  •  Mac OS X

Required System Software

It is necessary to have the following minimum version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on the target platform before attempting to install WebMeter:
  • SUN Java SE 6 (aka JRE version 1.6)
WebMeter will successfully run with the above and more recent versions of the Java Runtime Environment which can be downloaded for your system of choice here.

Supported Browsers

WebMeter is essentially browser independent.  However, for reasons of practicality we need to have a finite list of officially supported browsers.  This list is as follows:

    Google Chrome


    Mozilla Firefox
    Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Apple Safari


System Resources

WebMeter is designed as a very low footprint application with minimal requirements placed upon the host system.  Any server, desktop, laptop, notebook or netbook made within the last 5 or so years will be capable of supporting the system resource requirements (memory, CPU, etc) of WebMeter.