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Installation Steps


You begin installation of WebMeter by visiting the download page.  Assuming you have ensured that you meet the system requirements you can then click on the download link to start the installation in earnest.   If you are you are installing on Linux, the installer will kick-off immediately.  If you are installing on Windows you will need to double-click on the downloaded setup.exe file.

All aspects of the installation is wizard based and in almost all cases you can simply select the default options, all the way to completion.  In the following sections you are walked through each individual stage of the wizard.


The first page of the installation wizard is simply a splash screen to say hello and alert you to the fact that you are about to install the most excellent WebMeter product using the IzPack installer.

IzPack is the installation tool used to install WebMeter and you will see this referenced throughout the installation.


License Agreement

You need to agree to a completely standard software license agreement before proceeding.  Nothing new here.  Click on "I accept..." and proceed to the next screen of the installation wizard.


Installation Location

This is a simple step to specify the location in which to install WebMeter package files.  The default location is usually correct but you are free to specify the location of your choice.

Confirm Packages

Please just select "next" at this point to agree to install all aspects of the WebMeter installation files.


Install Packages

This screen merely serves to keep you posted of progress on installing the WebMeter packages to the chosen file location.  It should take take only seconds and you can then proceed by pressing "next".

Setup Shortcuts

At this point you can, if you wish, specify alternative shortcuts as part of the installation.  Unless you have strong feelings on this we suggest you accept the defaults and move on by selecting "next".  This will result in a shortcut in your drop down menus and on your desktop.  Also, a shortcut will be copied to a place on your system to ensure WebMeter is automatically started when you login.


Browser Selection and Configuration

WebMeter can accommodate any browser that is appropriately configured.  At this stage the wizard asks for your browser of choice.  Some browsers can be automatically configured to use WebMeter and some need manual configuration.  In the first case, you are home free, in the second you will be directed to the simple online instructions relevant to your browser.

You are also asked what port you would like WebMeter to listen on as a web proxy.  Please accept the default unless you are an expert or the installer suggests otherwise.

Finally, you need to tell WebMeter the maximum speed of your ISP connection so that it can tell how well it is performing.  If you don' t know now accept the default and you can change it later by configuring WebMeter.

Browser Informational

This screen of the wizard either confirms that your browser has been automatically configured or points you at the required online instructions to complete your browser configuration.


WebMeter Informational

This part of the wizard alerts you to how WebMeter appears in the system tray of your personal computer and how to use this to to generate the reports that your need to take control of your online experience.

Once you click "next" WebMeter will be automatically started.  After a few moments of online browsing you will be able to explore performance and utilisation data and reports!


Completion of Installation

And now you are done!  WebMeter should have started and you can begin your journey into a world of informed insight into ISP and SaaS vendor performance.

WebMeter is very intuitive and simple to use but we suggest you read the manual on how to operate and configure it for best results and maximum enjoyment.