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Rural & Community Broadband

Rural areas and communities of broadband consumers can be frustrated by the slower pace of infrastructure improvements required to take full advantage of online services.  As a result they sometimes band together to raise cash and make the required investment themselves.  Alternatively, they try to gather evidence of demand to petition Government bodies for grants or priority treatment in national broadband rollout programmes.  If you want to ensure the success of your community broadband improvement project, read on.

WebMeter Can Help Community Broadband Improvement Projects by:
  • Objectively quantifying the exact levels of performance that your whole community is experiencing to assist with supplier assessment, implementation planning and investment decision making.
  • Monitoring community wide levels of performance over time and track degradation or improvements against planned targets.
  • Baselining community wide performance levels before implementing broadband infrastructure improvements to quantify actual speedup, post-implementation, and thereby assure your investment.
  • Generating concrete statistical reports about the performance experienced by your community such as:
    • Community wide average, maximum and minimum performance,
    • Average, maximum and minimum performance for individuals,
    • Community wide variations in performance statistics over specific periods of time, including time of day.

Community Broadband Improvement Projects can achieve this by:

  • Engaging with Iona Innovations to become involved with your community broadband improvement project
  • Selecting the depth and breadth of performance reporting services required by your project
  • Accessing online performance reports which are generated by WebMeter data and collated by Iona Innovations performance bureau services
  • Using this insight to monitor, manage and assure your rural or community broadband project

If you would to like hear more about this opportunity please send details of your project to sales@web-meter.com.