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Monitor the Performance of your Broadband Supplier

WebMeter provides a continuous record of the performance you experience whilst browsing the Internet.  It is already possible to take a snapshot of your broadband performance using websites such as Broadband Speedchecker and Broadband Performance Labs but WebMeter goes much further than this.  You can read about the difference here or see a quick prezi on the subject.

The performance your browsing activity is recorded by WebMeter and stored locally on your computer (see our
Privacy Policy). This data can then be explored through WebMeter's powerful visualisations.


Download Speed

Upload Speed


Easilly Share your Results Online

You can use WebMeter to share your performance results with friends, colleagues and your broadband provider.

WebMeter uploads your results to "the cloud" and makes them available for exploration.

With a few clicks you can comment upon your performance results and have this posted to your Facebook or Twitter account along with a link to the uploaded results.

Receive Reglular Performance Alerts

WebMeter will give you periodic summary alerts for a you a quick snapshot view of how your download speed, upload speed and latency performance looks over the last 24 hours.

These "toaster" alerts appear for a few seconds next to your compters system tray area.

Configurable Reports

WebMeter allows you to create your own powerful reports simply and quickly. Full details of how to use this feature is available in the online WebMeter Manual.  The screenshot below illustrates a snapshot of the user interface to configure reports.

You can create bespoke reports based on parameters of your browsing experience such as:
  • Two dates which specify a time range in which you wish to explore web performance or usage.  For example, your browsing over a single day, the last several weeks or even from months ago.
  • The minimum size of transfer to include in the performance report.
Full details on how to create and interpret these performance reports is provided in the online WebMeter Manual.